Elliott Stone

About Elliott Stone Company

Elliott Stone Company is unique among limestone quarriers since the bulk of their material comes from an underground quarry. While other operations grind to a standstill during the winter or inclement weather, the Elliott Stone Company quarries on. This greatly enhances our ability to supply our customers with the quantity and quality of limestone they need – on time, on schedule, all year. It has been estimated that with the Elliott Stone Company underground quarrying method, our supply of limestone could last over a thousand years.

Elliott Stone Company has been in operation for nearly half a century and has always been dedicated to serving our customers needs. We are continuously developing new quarrying processes, finishing techniques and machinery of our own design for the purpose of providing our customers with quick delivery, excellent products, and the finest quality stone available.

All Elliott Stone Products are crafted from natural limestone, so each piece has a unique appearance. You’ll find variations and imperfections in color and texture in each piece of our natural limestone. These imperfections are a guarantee that you are looking at genuine Indiana limestone from Elliott Stone Company.